Bart Van den Brande is the managing partner and one of the founders of Sirius Legal Business Law Firm. He is a DPO and teacher at Data Protection Institute, Member of the Board at Smart Cities Law Firms, Arbitrator in data protection and IT related cases for and a regular guest lecturer and Universities and colleges across Belgium.

Sirius Legal is a boutique style law firm, specialising in intellectual property and media law, data protection, new technology, software protection and distribution, e-commerce and consumer protection, tax and financial advise, online gambling law as well as international commercial and contract law.

Our typical clients are tech start-ups, online marketers, ad agencies, advertisers, people in e-commerce or the platform economy, app developers, software developers, web hosters and service providers, creative people and artists, ...
Sirius Legal offers fast and professional assistance, at reasonable cost and in the language of your choice (English, Dutch, French, German or Italian).

Sirius Legal is a proud member of Consulegis, an international network of independent law firms as well as one of the founding partners of Smart Cities Law Firms, where Bart Van den Brande is a Member of the Board.

Bart is furthermore a member of the editorial board at, member of IAPP, member of Blockchain Vlaanderen, member of the legal committee of the Belgian Association for Marketeers, member of the legal committee of the Belgian association of web professionals Feweb and member of the legal committee at He was an assistant teacher at Brussels Free University VUB for many years.